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About Medicina

This International Organization formed in 1962 congruent to the policy objectives of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION.

In 1962 The WHO and UNICEF sponsored an International Conference in USSR at Alma Ata, at the University of Kazakhstan. The ALMA ATA DECLARATION defined a global strategy for public health and preventive medicine which epitomized as “HEALTH FOR ALL BY 2000 A.D.” Medicina Alternativa was formed as an international society under the guidelines of THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, under the legal enactments of USSR in Alma Ata in 1962.

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At a world congress hosted in Austria from June 26th to 30th, 2001, attended by international medical laureates from all continents, the launching of the Apollo International

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OIUCM was established by Prof.Anton Jayasuriya in 1962for the public benefit and it is recognized.

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There are eight medical schools in Sri Lanka that teach evidence based (sometimes called “western”) medicine.

University Life

OIUCM was established by Prof.Anton Jayasuriya in 1962for the public benefit and it is recognized.

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Aims and Objectives

Medicina Alternativa was formed in 1962 with the following Objectives:

To advance the scientific study and professional practice of Alternativa of Medicines and enhance the contribution of Alternative Medicines by encouraging its development by promoting research, laying high standards of professional ethics, competence, conduct, education, qualifications and achievement amongst practitioners promoting the dissemination of knowledge and thought about Alternative Medicines through meetings, lectures, seminars, workshops, reports, papers, discussions, publications and professional contacts: with the wide interest and inquiry into Alternative Medicines and all related areas of knowledge and practice”.
The mandate of the original Charter signed on 10 Aug 1975 by Dr.Davitashvili of Moscow also empowers OIUCM to cover Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Bio-Medical Engineering and Behavioural Studies.

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