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61ST World Congress of Medicina Alternativa

The 61st World Congress of Medicina Alternativa was held in Sri Lanka a few days ago. Simultaneously, many special programs were organized by the staff of the Medicina Alternativa . A large number of Sri Lankans benefited from the series of programs that started on the 23rd of November. Arrangements were made to hold many programs aimed at the general public free of charge. It was appreciated and praised by the general public and the international representatives who came to this country. Arrangements were made to hold a special medical clinic on that day. It is also special that free eye examination and spectacles have been distributed. A large number of people participated in the event and the related medical clinic was held at the premises of Sir Anton Jayasuriya Teaching Hospital established at No. 37, Beach Road, Mount Lavinia .  Acupuncture and free blood pressure check-ups were also done at the medical clinic and it was called Prana Violet Healing. Arrangements were also made to hold free clinics related to physical exercises and remedies on that day.  People who attended the free seminar were informed about acupuncture and traditional medical techniques. Many questions raised by the people were answered there. People who attended the conference and medical clinics were very happy and relieved and anxious to get treatment on the same day. The President of the Medicina Altanativa University, Senior Professor Lakshman Madurasinghe, took the lead in all these activities. In the past, this university has provided close service to the people through relevant programs and Medicina Alternative is a global institution that works closely with the people and engages in a simultaneous mission of health friendliness and valuing nature. In 1962 The World Health Organization and UNICEF sponsored an International Conference in USSR at Alma Ata, at the University of Kazakhstan.  


The opening ceremony of the World Conference of Medicina Alternativa University held on Saturday 24th of November 2023 was held at the Bandaranaike International Conference Hall premises in Colombo with the participation of many special guests and representatives from home and abroad. The chief guest was Dr. Ricardo Saavedra, director of international affairs at Azteca University in North America.  The University of Azteca is one of the world’s top universities that are internationally recognized, and it often plays a unique role in conjunction with the Medicina Alternativa . Dr. Ricardo Saavedra, Director of International Affairs of Azteca University, who came to Sri Lanka for the first time, made some unique comments while addressing the World Summit.  Mr. Saavedra explained the facts regarding the international position of Azteca University and the affiliated role of the Medicina Alternativa . Azteca University is a huge university spread not only in North America but also in every continent of the world including Asia and Africa. It has achieved many unique goals internationally. Mr. Ricardo commented on the convenience of the students studying in the university and the educational cooperation provided to them. In addition, the benefits of receiving an education from Azteca University, as well as the internationally standardized certification of Azteca University, are very valuable. Mr. Ricardo Saavedra also commented on the aspects of the syllabus related to the education of the university. Commenting on his first experience of coming to Sri Lanka, he appreciated the humanitarian characteristics of the people of Sri Lanka. He expressed his satisfaction regarding the free medical clinic. He expressed a positive opinion regarding the climate and social environment of Sri Lanka and expressed his desire to work more closely with the  Medicina Alternativa University   in the future. It was also a special event that the Chairman of Medicina Alternativa, Senior Professor Lakshman Madurasinghe, was awarded the appointment of Senior Professor by the Azteca University of North America.


Dr. Janaka Vannaku delivered the keynote speech on the first day of the World Congress. He gave a valuable lecture on diabetes control and obesity control. Addressing the gathering, Senior Professor Lakshman Madurasinghe, chairman of Medicina Alternativa , explained the value of Azteca University and its affiliates as well as the value of indigenous medicine. By providing relief to the general public, the initiative given by the  Medicina Alternativa University to the promotion of the related medical procedures in this country is unique. Following a populist program, the University of Medicina Alternativa will be involved in the future with the greater connection of students from home and abroad. As Sri Lankans, it is very important for us to take the international lead in the country’s indigenous medicine. Senior Professor Lakshman Madurasinghe gave further information regarding the future programs of the university.


Congress meetings were held on the 25th and 26th of November. Many important scientific and educational issues were noticed by local and foreign representatives and the lecture given by senior professor  Lakshman Madhurasinghe regarding the law, its positive and qualitative tendency as well as law and humanity was a very important one. The 61st conference of the Medicina Alternativa University ended last night (26th of November 2023) after the award ceremony held at the Mount Lavinia Hotel, and it helped to initiate many new trends in the future.


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