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Faculty of Management Studies

The main vision of the Faculty is to develop, nurture passionate management professionals to be the industry experts in leading the industry into the next level. Knowledge driven economic development is possible only with dedicated and strategic thinking managers. As a faculty with the right direction of training and guidance, it will embark the vision of OIUCM towards the development of a better Sri Lanka in future.

Faculty of Management Studies aims to deliver competency based management and technology education with inter & multidisciplinary approach adopting global educational practices with emphasis on development of critical, analytical and problem solving abilities in its graduates and associates with a passion for lifelong learning and independent thinking. The Faculty would equally emphasize on creation of new knowledge in management and technology areas through research and also provide management and technology services to cater to the needs of the corporate and society.

We strive to build a sustainable, holistic and fruitful relationship with the corporate world. We cherish and value the long standing relationship with regular recruiters, and we hope to extend and strengthen our collaboration with others.

Mr. Ranga Soysa

University of Technology
Malaysia 2013 - 2015

University of Moratuwa
Sri Lanka 2005 - 2007

University of Moratuwa
Sri Lanka 2001-2004


1. Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management

The Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management will address the areas of tourism management, tourism planning and strategic management of destination development. Furthermore, short courses will address the knowledge gap in the industry such as training of tour guides, chauffeur guides and site interpreters. Also the importance of stakeholder management will address the upgrade of rural tourism in Sri Lanka. There will be a dedicated hotel school attached with the department in order to train different domains of the hotel industry such as housekeeping, catering, restaurant management, bartenders etc.

2. Department of Education

The Department of Education will address the sectors of early childhood education, language training and holistic education such as ecological thinking, designing thinking, creative thinking etc.

3. Department of Human Resource Development

The Department of Human Resource Development will focus on the areas of Health & Safety measures, artificial intelligence, human behavioral studies etc.

4. Department of Construction Management

The Department of Construction Management will focus on the areas of productivity development of construction managers, technology development in construction, skill development of supervisors, technicians etc.

5. Department of Business Management

The Department of Business Management will focus on the marketing studies, sales and other related skill development in the business sector. Also the department will be specially focused on the entrepreneurship development in rural sector, women based business and small business development.

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Faculty of Management Studies

Prof Dr. Dame Aspasia Peppa


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